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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Sharpe remains faithful to the roots of the blues. Her songs cover time-honored blues terrain - in "Voodoo Man," she meets up with a swamp witch, who gives her a mojo so she can lure her man back. "It Just Ain't Right" highlights her feel-my-pain vocal moan. She's varied enough to dive into jump-style blues with the frisky "I've Got My Eye on You." And she has great taste in covers, which range from the likes of Jimmy Reed to Ella Fitgerald.

Actually, I don't know what Sharpe's doing in O.C. She's almost too good for us undeserving souls, but we're awefully glad to have her around."
Rich Kane - OC Weekly
"She's got a blues woman's heart and a rock and roll soul" "Sharpe's sultry vocal style --heard in all female, blues-swing band Queen Voodoo as well as fronting her own Jill Sharpe band -- is unique and compelling"
What's Up Magazine
"One of the many benefits of living in Southern California is the abundance of Blues artists that reside here. With our fabulous weather and many nightclubs, it gives them the opportunity to obtain steady work while they are not on the road. Etta James, The Mighty Flyers, Walter Trout and Kid Ramos are just a few of the contemporary Blues stars that call Southern Cal their home.

Additionally, we are blessed with a wide variety of Blues artists that are just that ‘one big break’ away from making The Big Time. We are fortunate that on any given night of the week, we can be entertained by the likes of Lynwood Slim, Robert Lukas, Freddie Brooks, Mark Hummel, B.B. Chung King and the Buddha Heads and the list goes on and on. Miss Jill Sharpe definitely falls into this category, and her new CD, Pet My Kitty, is proof of her status in this highly competitive arena.

If you get the chance to see Jill at one of her shows, make sure you find an opportunity to meet her (buying her CD is a good start). But watch out, because she’s a lot to handle! With her long blonde hair and gregarious personality, she wears her heart on one sleeve and her opinions on the other. Make sure you shake the right hand or, as Sonny Boy once said: Don’t start her talkin’, ‘cause she might tell you everything she knows. Trust me, this vixen knows a lot. She’s been at this for most of her young life, and it is obvious that she’s done her homework. She is very generous with praise for her mentors, which is just, because Jill must have learned early to take the things that she likes and shape them into a style that is all her own. This, folks, is not plagiarism, it is the way it is done. From Robert Johnson to the Rolling Stones, it is the evolution of The Blues.

Pet My Kitty can be described as a fun recording. The songs are all original, written entirely by Miss Sharpe, with the exception of the lyrics on I Wish You Knew, written by Michael Malone. Miss Sharpe plays all the guitars and sings all the vocals, with the exception of backing vocals by Amie Seymour. Fred Kaplan accompanies her on piano, Scott Lambert on upright bass, Smiley Long on 6 string bass and Eric Starr on drums. Mark Jackson plays the harp and Larry Saxman plays the sax.

Of the thirteen tracks on this recording, one of my favorites is Drunk On Love, a rocking number in the classic Texas roadhouse tradition, but flavored with a little West Coast Swing. The keyboards are excellent, both piano and organ, which makes this a great number to show off your moves on the dance floor.

I Got My Eye On You, begins with girlish chatter, then dives into a smooth blues boogie that swings with its suggestive lyrics and steady rhythm guitar. She blends her aggressive lead guitar with her solid rhythm like a seasoned veteran.

Red Hot Mama is another example of Jill combining Texas Blues with a little swing. (I love to drag out my 64-octave chromonica and play along with this one!) Jill’s vocal really shines and the piano solo again adds some happy boogie to the clean guitar riffs.

I don’t have the space to review every song on this CD, but I promise you that, if you enjoy Blues that makes you want to get up and shake what the good Lord gave ya, you can’t go wrong with this CD.

Be sure to catch Jill Sharpe and her band and have some fun. Don’t forget to pick up her CD while you’re havin’ a ball and be sure to tell her Benny sent you."
Pat Benny - Southbound Beat Magazine
"Whether she is seducing the audience with her voice or cutting them up with her guitar solos, Jill Sharpe is one of a kind."
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Southland Blues Magazine
"Jill Sharpe..opened the third annual OC Blues Festival on saturday at Doheney State Beach with a spirited performance that set the stage for the strong acts that followed"

"Spirited blues and Nimble picking style"

"She's definitely one to keep an eye on"
Rich Kane - OC Register